More than 2GB RAM for Poser 6

This is a hack to get Windows XP Pro to allow Poser 6 to use more than 2GB of memory. Use at your own risk.

Material Room Tutorials

#1: building a leather shader
#2: reptile scales
#3: probelight (useful only for Poser 5 - Poser 6 users, use the built-in IBL isntead.)

Depth of field

Here are two things dealing with depth of field in Poser: One small tutorial with a script for Poser 5, one small tutorial for creating a depth of field effect in post for Poser 4 and 5.

FireFly and Material Room FAQ

FAQ for FireFly and the Material Room. Check this if you have any problems with rendering in Poser 5.

There is also a French translation available.

FireFly options overview

A brief overview over the options in the Poser 5 rendering dialog.

Tricks for Poser 7

A few lesser known Poser 7 tricks are here.


Here's my list with links to other interesting Poser websites.

Python scripts and plugins

RenderMan exporter

A basic RenderMan exporter for Poser that supports dynamic hair and cloth as well as background rendering in 3Delight.

Yafray exporter

Another exporter script, this time for the free raytracer YAFRAY. I haven't worked on it for years, but Allen Soard is actively developing it now: poser2yafray.

DAZ|Studio importer

This is a script to load DAZ|Studio poses in Poser 6.

HDRI for Poser 5 and ProPack

A Python script that allows you to import light set text files created with LightGen and HDRShop. It is designed to be used with light sets that are scaled to a total density of 1. This script does not run on MacOS X.

Here are a few images of what it looks like.

Here is a detailed tutorial courtesty of Eric van Dyke.

Feet on ground

A little script for Poser 4 Pro Pack. Download it from here (Windows users, make sure that it gets saved with a .py ending and not with .txt) and run it with "File/Run Python Script...". From now on, the figure's feet will never go below the ground (y=0), which is useful for animators. Make sure you have IK enabled for both feet. feetOnFloor.py

Wacros (P6)

Wacros are scripts for the P6 material room.

ZBrush displacement import

A script that automates import and material room setup of ZBrush displacement maps. It loads Maps saved in 88 format and sets them up for full 16 bit displacement quality. loadZBrushDisp.py

Align Nodes

A simple script to clean up a mess of nodes. align_Nodes.py


Tron animation

I recreated a shot from the Disney movie "Tron" for a course at college. Here's the result (750kB DivX5 encoded AVI). Rendered in Poser 5 with the FireFly renderer, using displacement, raytracing, depth of field and motion blur.

Bug Figure

I made this figure (240KB zip compressed pz3) when learning 3D Studio Max and it was the first model I ever imported to Poser and put bones in. However, it is a really bad model. The mesh is broken, the number of plolygons is not balanced, the joints are not perfect and textures are missing. Furthermore, this is a .pz3 and not a .cr2. I know, I should make a cr2 and zip it, but...whatever. Feel free to play with it.

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