Stefan Werner


It's official, I am a self-employed software consultant now. Which is good news for you! I can help you in software projects, bringing in solid skills in multimedia software development on Mac, Windows and BeOS. I speak German, English, C++ and Python fluently, and I can brush up my French or Objective-C when desired. Contact me!

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If you have a MacBook Pro or newer generation PowerBook, try out my iTunes Plugin...

the news:

I have a scientific publication! I presented my paper on Skew Compensation in Low Latency Environments at the ICMC 2005 conference in Barcelona.

A subsurface scattering shader for Pixels:3D.

The PoserMan exporter is updated.

An updated look for this place, including a picture in the upper left corner that might even resemble me.

Added a new exporter script to the Poser section, this time for YAFRAY.

the regulars:

To your left, you will find links that will help you through this confusing place. I hear the Poser section and the free AO plugin for Cinema 4D are quite popular, so if you're into computer graphics, have a look.

If you're interested in audio applications on Mac OS X, have a look at my thesis.

the irregulars:

(03/27/04): Turned in my thesis today - I'm a free man now! Wohoo! Singing and dancing and celebrating, I promise to update this web site properly soon.

late 2003: Got a new computer with a slow graphics card with a spiffy name: FX5200. But I'm not a speed junkie anyway. In contrast, I intend to become a shader junkie. Check out or for some fun you can have with such cards.