Backlight plugin for iTunes

This plugin will use your PowerBook's/MacBook Pro's keyboard backlight as visualizer for iTunes.

Backlight flashing for the keyboard

Similar thing, flashing the keyboard backlight in response to typing.


A MIDI driver for the Wacom Volito graphics tablet, runs on Mac OS X 10.4.

MIDI Navitagator

A MIDI driver for the 3dconnexion Space Navigator input device, runs on Mac OS X 10.4.

Older stuff, not maintained any more:

pbrt for BeOS

A quick port of pbrt to BeOS. Details are in the pbrt forums.

The Manipulator

An experimental Photoshop Plugin that enables you to load and save wave audio. It is a very experimental thing, you can make lots of noise with it. Here is a listening sample of a drum loop, heavily manipulated: manipulated.mp3 (82kB)
Download the Manipulator: Version for Photoshop 5 and 6 on Classic MacOS


Vecline is a Java based instant messenger that Chris Flätgen and I wrote as a project accompanying the lecture on distributed systems by Mr. Kriha. It is written in Java2 1.3 and is using raw sockets for communication. The result is a very small standalone program (client .jar file is 35kB) that runs on a standard JRE installation without the need for any additional frameworks or a web browser. The clients can connect to the server through firewalls, where the server requires only one port to be open for incoming connections.


Cornerfix is a little program to fix the blind corners of the MacOS X title bar. Inspired by Michael Herf's Bumper for Windows, it will keep your mouse out of the blind spots, effectively putting the Apple menu and whatever you have on the right side of the menubar (ASM?) in the corners of the screen.

Obsolete as of Mac OS 10.3 which fixed this annoyance.


FourWays is a BeOS input_server addin. Allows you to use mouse gestures to send system messages, to perform window operations or to change workspaces. I recommend to use this in conjunction with SpicyKeys.

UC-16 driver for BeOS

This is a driver that adds support for the UC-16 USB MIDI controller to BeOS. It is based on the USBKit and the new MIDI Kit in BeOS R5. Since I wrote the driver without information specific for the UC-16 but only with the specs for the USB MIDI standard, I guess this driver could also work with other USB MIDI devices.