About Stefan

The person

I appear to be an average young male born in Neu-Ulm in the late 70's, working in Aachen, Germany. I spend my spare time making music with various instruments and my computers, DJ-ing, acting, dancing and spending time with friends in bars and clubs. I also enjoy cooking, a good Scotch or Irish Whiskey, Californian red wine and fresh Sushi.


I just finished my studies of "Medieninformatik" (Media computing science) at the HDM Stuttgart. You can read about my thesis, which I handed in Feb 2004.


My studies required two internship semesters, where I spent the first one at Egisys AG in Tübingen, Germany in summer 2001 and the second one at Curious Labs Inc in Santa Cruz, USA in the following winter. I should note that the former is the mother company of the latter. Apparently, those companies must like me as much as I like them, as I was working for them on the 3D package Poser 5 until June 2003.


Currently, I'm working as a technician at the media computing science department of the RWTH Aachen.


Of course, a website needs a contact address. You can reach me under stew@keindesign.de